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+40 years

of experience in the maritime business

Mr. Luis Contreras Peña


All started with the vision of our founder Mr. Luis Contreras Peña whose great drive resulted in a successful Maritime Project. Something that had never been done before in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Luis Contreras has more than 40 years of experience in the maritime business demonstrating his abilities as a Distinguished Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. He has worked in various shipyards abroad, in the United States and other countries, and has more than 15 years experience in similar facilities here in the Dominican Republic. He has designed and built barges and tugboats, and undertaken conversions involving many types of vessels.

in this image there is a men


has led important financial processes

Luis E. Contreras Brea


Before of becoming President of CITCL, engineer Contreras Brea has received professional knowledge, experience and leadership from his father the Naval Engineer Luis Contreras E. Peña. They together innovate and strengthen the naval and maritime industry in the Dominican Republic achieving a great reputation not only in their country but also worldwide. Engineer Contreras Brea has led important financial processes in CITCL, achieving impressive goals and objectives that include new floating docks, one Panamax, cranes, docks, workshops, pontoons, a hangar of new constructions and modern infrastructure and, the Santo Domingo East Shipyards. He is recognized as a great administrator, motivates teamwork and exercises excellent human relationships with employees and customers. He is driven for the strategic planning and project development.


To become the leading facility for ship-repairs and ship-building in the Caribbean Region, continuously improving our facilities as well as our working practices and constantly renewing and modernizing our logistical, technological and human resources, thereby projecting a solid industry of corporate prestige and pride for the Dominican Republic.


To offer specialized services in ship-repairs and ship-building offering our clients over 30 years of experience servicing the maritime community. Offering our clients our best marine practices combining our best quality, delivery time and rates harmoniously.